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Seasonal special selection 【Shanghai crab】 Tsukushi course

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This year Shanghai House relocated to the Kagurazaka shopping district in April, new open with the name of Hotakaigami by ShanghaiHouse.We will continue offering this delicious Shanghai crab dish introduced at "Ad Street Hikoku" at a reasonably priced price so that many people will appreciate it.

Course menu

1. Drunkard Shanghai Crab Shaoxing salted pickle (1 cup plus 1300 yen)

2. Braised shanghai crab miso and tofu


Shark's fin soup with Shanghai crab miso (plus 1250 yen)

Boiled shark's fin Shanghai crab miso sauce (plus 3500 yen)

3. Shanghai crab figure steamed M size (L size plus 600 yen, pair recommended, please contact staff)

4. Homemade ginger tea

5. Shanghai Crab Miso and Shrimp Kanoko fried dumpling

6. Shanghai crab miso entering small dragon package (2 pieces)

7. Vegetable Shade Shanghai Crab Miso Onion Noodle or Lettuce Shanghai Miso Fried Rice

8. Homemade apricot prawn with lemon flavor

2018/10/25 update